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Nội thất TAM Furniture chuyên cung cấp các loại Ghế cafe giá rẻ, Bàn ghế cafe giá rẻ, Bàn ghế văn phòng giá rẻ, Ghế văn phòng giá rẻ, Ghế quầy bar giá rẻ, Bàn ghế ăn giá rẻ Miễn phí vận chuyển nội thành Thành phố HCM VUI LÒNG LIÊN HỆ HOTLINE : 0911 58 69 39 ĐỂ ĐƯỢC MỨC GIÁ TỐT NHẤT.
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Phung Quang Trung Trading & Service company., Ltd was officially established in 1994 at:

    Address: 45B Pham Van Sang, Hamlet 2, Xuan Thoi Thuong Ward, Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.
    Tel: (08) 37128206 - Fax: (08) 37128204
    Main scope: screen printing clothes and textile products.
Launching new products with production skills, modern technology and machinery and team of workers trained directly by international experts.

Phung Quang Trung is known through high quality screen printing products, produced by 3D digital machinery, directly imported from Germany, in function of print, brocade, automatically clean products, super fast speed. Fabric dryer, heat press machine imported 100% from Germany, the United States of America. Dryer has a special function of processing techniques automatically clean product, designing patterns, performing on modern computers.


The strength of Phung Quang Trung's products is always different from others by technical acuity, durable color, and special creativity.

Our orientation of development aim at manufacturing with modern technology, expanding workshops. The main objective throughout this development is “everlasting PRESTIGE - EXCEPTIONAL fashion” for all the requirements of customers.